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What We Provide

Group Therapy

For Individuals, Couples & Families

·       Online Sessions 
·       Face To Face Sessions
·       Individual Counselling
·       Relationship & Family Therapy
·       Depression & Anxiety
·       LGBTIQ+ Matters
·       Trauma Counselling

Group Discussion

For Businesses

·       Online/Onsite Clinics & Events
·       Employee Wellness Programmes 
·       Design Implementation Management
·       Training & Seminars On Various Topics
·       Trauma Debriefing
·       Emotional Impact Group Sessions

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More Services

Therapy for Individuals

We compliment the individual assessment with an intervention that looks at all aspects of your wellbeing and overall functioning.

We often adopt a solution-focused approach based on agreed-upon intervention goals. We offer you a unique opportunity to choose which intervention model you would like to follow in order to achieve your desired outcome. 

Therapy for Couples

Many couples often come to therapy as a last resort or “just to try it out”. We understand that each relationship is unique and may sometimes require intervention that is specific to that couple’s needs.

We, therefore, allow couples to choose the duration of their therapy sessions and the approach they would like to follow in tackling whatever challenges they might be facing, in order to strengthen or improve their relationship. We also offer couples opportunities for wellness retreats and a tailor made breakfree programme. 

Therapy for Families

Families usually face challenges that have quite complex dynamics. We appreciate that each family may require an in-depth understanding of their values, traditions, culture or religious background. 

We, therefore, select the most well-suited professionals to provide support to families. We also offer families opportunities for wellness retreats, family conferences and a tailor-made breakfree programme. 

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Support Groups

There are currently two ongoing online private support groups.

Group Therapy

Breakfree Group

Focused on healing from various trauma and becoming the best version of yourself.

Group Discussion

Grief & Loss Group

Focused on healing from grief & loss, and developing effective coping skills.

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